My first ‘real’ perfume was La Petite Robe Noire from Guerlain and since then I always had a big love for their fragrances. Last year they came out with a new fragrance called Mon Guerlain. This fragrance was advertised all over in Paris and with a big reason, since it’s a perfume musthave! It’s powdery, sophisticated, chic and sweet at the same time, basically eveything I’m looking for in a fragrance!
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Last month I went for a short trip of 4 days to Paris during the holiday season, a bit of business but also a bit of pleasure! The last time I was in Paris was years ago and since it’s currently the top ‘Instagram’ location, I was very excited to go there again. Unfortunately we weren’t lucky with the weather, it was extremly cold and it even started to snow, which is very unique in Paris. I especially looked forward to visit the Christian Dior Couturier de Reve and of course eat a lot of macarons.  View Post

In my previous Holiday Gift Guide article you could have read about the best perfumes of 2017, with a main focus on new fragrances launching that year. I have a lot of other classic favorites from permanent collections, such as the one from Chloé. The Chloé fragrances have been a big personal favorite for a while now since they are all very soft and romantic, but still powerful at the same time! Especially since they have beautiful giftsets coming up for the christmas period, I wanted to write this article with my personal recommendations!  View Post

What is a better gift to give to someone than perfume? It’s luxurious, personal and special, but it’s definitely not the easiest option. If you already know someone’s favorite perfume or the type of perfume they like, it won’t be hard. But if you want to give something new it can be a bit overwhelming by the amount that is available in the stores. Today I can help you with this holiday gift guide -> perfume edition, which is all about the best perfumes of 2017! I have tried to list as many perfumes from different categories, some of them are already available for a longer time and the others are just out on the market!

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Christmas is right around the corner and that means you already have to start thinking about holiday gifts. Even though it feels nice to receive presents, it feels even better to find the perfect holiday gift for anyone on your list. This is usually not the easiest task and when it comes down to beauty, this will be the only guide you’ll need this holiday season. Or you can use it to find inspiration for your own wishlist! I have listed over 10 completly different beauty products in very different price categories, from skincare to make-up to beauty mirrors. There is also another Luxury Holiday Gift Guide coming up this week about the best female perfumes, so stay tuned!  View Post

Back in March 2015 I attented my first Lancôme event , which is already a few years ago. Since then I fell in love with the brand and their products and I have continued using them for a long time. For me it’s always a privilege to get invited for events like these, especially when I really feel a connection with the brand. Two weeks ago there was a new press event called Ban The Boring and since I enjoyed it so much, I decided to give you a behind the scenes sneak preview of it and the new products that they launched! View Post