CHANEL 1957: Les Exclusifs Perfume

Alongside the reopening of the New York boutique on 57th street, CHANEL is celebrating worlwide 1957 with a new Eau de Parfum in the Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection. A creation that builds the olfactory bridge between France and America, joined by that iconic style.

In 1957, Gabrielle Chanel received the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award in Dallas. Now world-renowned for her creative talent, she drew upon rare, carefully chosen ingredients to reveal and exalt them. 1957 is a reflection of that. A sensual, delicately faceted white musk accord, stitched with floral notes and woody, honeyed, powdery accents. A luminous signature of the CHANEL style.

Les Exclusifs de CHANEL – 1957 – 75 ML – € 175,00

Category: aromatic

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Coriander, White Musk, Bergamot, Aldehydes

Heart notes: Orange Blossom, White Musk, Jasmine

Base notes: Vanilla, Honey, White Musk, Cedar, Cashmeran, Orris

If you have seen the perfume 1957 before, you are not mistaken. Last november CHANEL introduced the newest addition: 1957 to the Les Exclusifs de Chanel perfume collection. Back then the fragrance was only presented in the brand’s flagship boutique at 15 East 57 Street in NYC and since last month it’s available worldwide. If you are ever in the neighbourhood, I can definitely recommend to stop by at the boutique. You will not only find fragrances and fashion, but also 35 modern art objects, such as a giant pearl necklace, which is worth seeing.

You might be wondering, what is so special about 1957? Is it a year? An address? Or the combination of numbers next to each other?

  • In 1957, Coco Chanel received the Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the field of fashion, with which she is named to be the most influential fashion designer. The award is considered the ”Oscar of the Fashion World” in the USA. This year represents the connection between CHANEL and the USA.
  • 19 is the birth day of Coco Chanel
  • 57 is the number of the street where the biggest CHANEL boutique in the USA is located

Now we are caught up on the history, let’s move on to the fragrance itself. 1957 is the third fragrance from the LES EXLCUSIFS DE CHANEL collection, created by Olivier Polge. ” For each fragrance in the collection, we explore a path we have never taken ”, explains Olivier Polge. This time he opted to work with musk, eight different white musks to be specific.

Something I was quite surprised about is how the fragrance opens up very sparkling and fresh, you can definitely notice the lime and aldehydes notes. After a while it softens and warms up on your skin and the white musk and jasmine show up. It smells clean, soapy, powdery and very classic and sophisticated at the same time. What makes it amazing for me is the combination with the honey as a base note, it gives it this warm feeling,  making me feel nostalgic, without actually having the real memories. Something else which I love about the Les Exlusifs fragrances is the longevity of them, there is no other fragrance which will last as long on your skin as this one will.


Les Exclusifs de Chanel  – 1957 – 75 ml – € 175,00

Les Exclusifs de Chanel  – 1957 – 200 ml – € 320,00

Which Les Exclusifs is your favorite?

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