Chanel Le Volume Révolution de Chanel Mascara

There is a new mascara in town and it might become one of your favorites! During my CHANEL trip last summer I already received a sneak preview of it, and today I can finally share it with you as well. It’s the first mascara of its generation, the first to feature a 3D-printed brush. It’s more than a new product, it’s a revolution: Le Volume de Révolution de Chanel mascara.



We all know how iconic CHANEL mascara’s are, especially Le Volume de Chanel! But what is the benefit of a 3D printed mascara brush?

The 3D printing allows for absolutely precise “lace” processing. The brush notably contains honeycomb micro-cavities, which cannot be attained with a classic manufacturing process. These micro-cavities absorb the mascara formula before delivering just the right dose in order to gradually build lash volume with each stroke, without having to dip the brush in the tube again between applications on each eye. This also means that less bacteria and air will get in the tube, which can make your mascara last longer than usual!

Did you know that?

  • The CHANEL Parfums et Beauté Packaging Innovation department worked together with a specialized start-up (ERPRO 3D FACTORY) to feature a 3D-printed brush.
  • It’s the first daily-use object printed in 3D on an industrial scale, made possible by 6 machines that produce 1 milion brushes a month.
  • The LE VOLUME RÉVOLUTION DE CHANEL mascara brush was reworked over 100 times,
    until reaching the point of perfection.

I have been using this mascara for over two months now and not reached for another one, since then! If you are curious to see more pictures of this mascara, stay tuned for the review of the CHANEL fall/winter 2018 collection. I will be using this mascara in different kind of looks there.

Le Volume Révolution de Chanel is now available on and in stores!

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