It all started back in 2001, an unexpected formula started an unpredictable olfactory movement. Now in 2018, COCO MADEMOISELLE is reclaiming its territory. The new CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum Intense fragrance is finally here! Created for rebellious personalities with a taste for elegance. Last week I was invited for the the launch event of the lovely new fragrance at Chanel and now you can try it out as well. As the name already says, the new fragrance is a lot deeper and intenser than the original Coco Mademoiselle.  View Post

The new innovative generation of Dior Parfums is here. Dior introduces a new perfume application by launching the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Roller-Pearl edition. The miniature glass flacon is designed for travel and carrying in your purse continuously. Ever since I started to wear perfume, I noticed the lack of travel friendly options on the market. Yes, there were companies that launched several products where you could refill a perfume, but this completly took away the luxury experience of the fragrance. I was very excited when Dior launched this ‘next generation’  collection and couldn’t wait to try it out by myself as well.
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The new Elie Saab fragrance is making me very excited for the spring. I already know the original creation Elie Saab Le Parfum, but now they came out with a new version of it: Le Parfum in White! A white bouquet, which is as magical as the special moments in your life. It focuses on the purity of the white flowers. * View Post

In my previous Holiday Gift Guide article you could have read about the best perfumes of 2017, with a main focus on new fragrances launching that year. I have a lot of other classic favorites from permanent collections, such as the one from Chloé. The Chloé fragrances have been a big personal favorite for a while now since they are all very soft and romantic, but still powerful at the same time! Especially since they have beautiful giftsets coming up for the christmas period, I wanted to write this article with my personal recommendations!  View Post

What is a better gift to give to someone than perfume? It’s luxurious, personal and special, but it’s definitely not the easiest option. If you already know someone’s favorite perfume or the type of perfume they like, it won’t be hard. But if you want to give something new it can be a bit overwhelming by the amount that is available in the stores. Today I can help you with this holiday gift guide -> perfume edition, which is all about the best perfumes of 2017! I have tried to list as many perfumes from different categories, some of them are already available for a longer time and the others are just out on the market!

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Iedere maand test ik allemaal nieuwe geuren die nog gelanceerd moeten worden of al gelanceerd zijn. Jaren geleden heb ik ook bij de Ici Paris XL gewerkt, waardoor ik kennis heb gemaakt met nog meer parfums. Echter is er altijd 1 geur die me is bijgebleven en dat is Dolce&Gabbana – The One. Hier heb ik nog nooit eerder over geschreven. Ik rook hem voor het eerst zo een 7 jaar geleden als tienermeisje en was er op slag verliefd op. Ondanks dat ik veel andere favoriete parfums heb is dat altijd mijn favoriet gebleven en echt mijn “signature” parfum geworden. Wanneer ik de geur op doe in het openbaar (neem altijd een reisflacon in mijn tas mee) zeggen bekende altijd tegen me “ja het ruikt echt naar jou!”. En daar kan ik zo blij van worden! Van de geur zijn verschillende varianten uitgekomen en vandaag deel ik mijn collectie inclusief reviews van alle producten en tips om je signature parfum te vinden. Maar ook vertel ik hoe je een parfum zo lang mogelijk kan laten ruiken! View Post