This year is full of surprises in the beauty industry, and Joy by Dior is one of them! In september 2018, a brand new Dior fragrance for women came out. And it’s not just any fragrance, it’s an ode to life. This newborn creation pays homage to the couturier-perfumer’s most dearly heald dream: to make women ”not only more beautiful, but happier”. Like a declaration of love for femininity, Joy de dior is a hymn to happiness. View Post

Since Zadig & Voltaire launched their first fragrance, I gave them a special place in my fragrance collection.  That’s why I was very excited to hear that they were going to bring out a complete new perfume. This season they have launched a new fragrance: Girls Can Do Anything, in line with a collection of T-shirts and accessories that carry this inscription. As the name implies, the new fragrance symbolizes liberation from norms and a new form of femininity: free, uninhibited and impertinent.

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This season CHANEL is inviting us on a new olfactory adventure, named: Les Eaux de Chanel. A new line of fragrances that will take us on a journey at high speed. In the end, it’s not the finish line that matters, but the journey itself. The fragrances are inspired by three of Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite places: PARIS-DEAUVILLE, PARIS-BIARRITZ and PARIS-VENISE. Today I will be reviewing PARIS-DEAUVILLE and also share why this location was so important to Gabrielle.

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It’s mid july, which means you are probably preparing for your summer holiday. Today I’m sharing my Lancaster suncare musthaves for 2018! Not only the best sun protection items that are available on the beauty market, but also a fragrance that you can wear in the sun. Not a big fan of tanning? I’m also sharing two items, that will give you a bronzy and tan skin without the sun!  View Post

This spring CHANEL presents two new ways to wear fragence with Nº5 L’Eau: All-Over Spray and On Hand Cream. Not only is the design very sleek, elegant and futuristic, it’s also multi-purpose and travel-friendly. Especially the travel-friendly part is very appealing to me, since I find fragrances to be the hardest to carry with you on the go. The new all-over spray and the hand on cream allows you to create your own routine and enjoy a different gesture.  View Post

Spring is finally here! The weather is getting better, which means it’s time to swap your winter coat for your spring coat. But besides swapping your warderobe, it’s also time to switch your fragrance. So many new fragrances have launched this year so far, which can be make it a bit difficult to choose. That’s why today I’m showing you thé top 10 of the newest musthave fragrances, that you absolutely need to try for spring! View Post