Best beauty products in 2018

From fragrances to makeup items and skincare products: another amazing year has passed by when it comes to new beauty launches and collections! Today I will be sharing my favourite products from 2018. This could be items that are just released or that already existed on the market but I just rediscovered myself during this year. 


I’m always on the hunt for contour products that have a good shade range and which blend easily on your skin, without leaving any stripes. In the beginning of this year I tried out the new Lancome Ultra Wear sticks, which you can use as a foundation, but as a contour stick as well. Since I started to use the shade (055 Beige Idéal) I haven’t took it out of my make-up bag and I have been using it every single day.

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If I could pick one foundation which I used the most in 2018, it definitely would have been the Matissime Velvet from Givenchy! A few days ago I even threw the bottle away because I used it all up. I always apply matte liquid foundation with a good coverage with a damp beautyblender. I tried the same application technique with this foundation and it gave a very beautiful result. In this way I can easily build up the coverage and it still looks really natural! The perfect go-to foundation for a daily base.

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Olivier Polge gave Coco Mademoiselle a whole new dimension this year and it made me like the fragrance more than ever. The new Coco Mademoiselle Intense is amplified by an extreme dose of Patchouli and an Amber accord that combines Tonka Bean and Vanilla from Madagascar. A powerful, deep, irresistible composition. It’s warm, soft, feminine, rebellious and sexy at the same time. Every single time when I wear it, I secretly feel like Keira Knightly in the advisertising film.

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Currently I’m on the second bottle of the Micro Liquid Essence from the CHANEL Hydra Beauty skincare line, which means I can’t go a day without it. It’s one of my favourite skincare products (together with the serum and moisturizer) and let me tell you the reason why.  The texture is incredibely light and it feels very fresh on your skin, just like water. It’s lighter than any serum or moisturizer you have ever tried. When you use the product on your skin, you will feel it hydratring straight away and it will leave you skin looking healthy and glowy. The best part about is that if you are always in a rush like me, your skin absorbs the product straight away, which means you dont have to wait long before you can start with your make-up application!

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 Elie Saab – Le Parfum – Eau de Parfum in White – 50 ml – € 82,00

This year Elie Saab has stepped up their fragrance game, and I don’t know what it is about them, but I can’t get enough of it. Looking forward what Elie Saab will bring out this year! Since I received this perfume I haven’t stopped wearing it. It’s modern, it’s chic, it’s elegant but it’s also very wearable for any time of the day. It’s luxury in a bottle. Of course Elie Saab perfumes are known to be worn for special occasions such as weddings, but the new Le Parfum in White is much softer and a bit more fruity.

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Dior Rouge Dior Lipsticks – € 37,50

The Rouge Dior lipsticks always have been one of the most iconic beauty items, especially the red shade: 999. Last year I got the opportunity to discover them myself and I’m very happy that I did. The lipsticks are super creamy, very pigmented and they don’t dry out your lips! Even the matte nude colors, still look beautiful on your lips. The hazelnut beige shade 434 Promenade has been my go-to favourite.

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Yves Saint Laurent – Touche Éclat Concealer – € 40,00

An iconic makeup product which I rediscovered in 2018 is the famous Yves Saint Laurent – Touche Éclat! Since I started to work more this year as well, I needed to get into a complete new sleep rhythm, which was not always so easy. Touche Éclat won’t help to cover your dark circles like a normal concealer, but it will help to brighten up your under eye area. This will give you a very fresh and ”awake” look!


NARS is famous for makeup items such as: highlighters, concealers and foundation. But I never tried out their eyeshadows before, besides their limited edition palettes. In 2018 I received the NARS Eyeshadow Quads in the shades Mojave and Singapore. Don’t get me wrong, I love my neutral matte palettes, but the shimmer/glitter eyeshadows in these quads are absolutely stunning. I have created so many sparkling looks during the festive month December with these palettes. Never thought I would use them so much. If you don’t prefer eyeshadow quads, take a look at the NARS Duo Eyeshadows or the Single eyeshadows that also have launched in 2018.

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CHANEL – La Crème Main Texture Riche – € 49,00

A must-have skincare product, which you can always find in my handbag is the La Crème Main – Texture Riche by CHANEL. It’s inspired by the beauty hand cream created by Mademoiselle Chanel in 1927.  I was always very lazy when it came down to moisturizing my hands, but especially during the winter period I needed to do it more often because they were so dry. This little beauty gem made this task so much easier. Besides that, the packaging is also very sleek and elegant, which makes it so much more fun to carry it around.


As I said before, I love me some good contour products. When Dior launched their Dior Backstage collection this year, I couldn’t wait to try out this palette and it has been my favorite from the start. The light contour shade fits my skin tone perfectly and it blends very easily on my skin. The two highlighters in the palette are also a big plus, because they make me reach out for it more and more.

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Girl of Now Shine by Elie Saab has by far been my number 1 most complimented fragance ever, which made me wear it more and more! I was very surprised by how much people seemed to like this kind of fragrance, since it’s strong, sweet but very unique. like a delicious and dangerous dessert in a bottle. Notes like vanilla, pistachio and almonds make it almost too hard to resist this fragrance. A big big favorite of 2018!

NARS – Powermatte Lip Pigment – € 26,00

When it comes to lip products, there is one launch that really stood out to me: the NARS Powermatte Lip Pigments. I received it in my 2 favorite colors to wear: nude and red. The shades on this picture are called: Vain and Somebody to Love. Just like the name says, the product is incredibely pigmented. One layer is more than enough, just let it dry a few seconds and it will become completly matte.

Charlotte Tilbury – Hollywood Flawless Filter – € 40,00

: the amazing Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury. This unique and revolutionary product will make your skin glowy in a few seconds! You can use it as a primer, highlighter, mix it with foundation or use it on its own. It will illuminate your skin, give it a soft-focus and make lines and pores appear smoother. A real musthave that made my makeup looks complete last year.

Dior Bronze – After Sun Balm (€ 39,00) & Milky Mist SPF30 (€ 40,00)

Last but not least: let’s end this list with two of my favorite suncare items: the Dior Bronze Milky Mist SPF 30 and the Dior Bronze Monoï Balm after-sun. The products apply like a dream, have an amazing scent and I never had such a moisturized and glowy tanned skin. Every single year I try out different suncare products, and these have been my far my favourite 2, I don’t even want to use anything else during my holidays anymore!

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I’m so ready for all the new launches and collections that are coming up for 2019! Can’t wait to see what all the luxury brands are going to release this year!

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