CHANEL The Cleansing Collection

Every day, the skin’s balance is threatened by pollution and makeup. That’s why it’s important to take your time to cleanse your skin. Lately CHANEL launched three new cleansing products that deeply cleanse ánd purfiy your skin, while maintaining its natural balance: cleansing gel, clay mask and exfoliating gel. Today I will be reviewing all three of the new products.



The CHANEL Le Gel is a very gently cleanser for all skin types, including the sensitive skin as well. CHANEL recommends to use it every morning and evening, but I personally prefer to use it only in the evening. When you apply it on your damp skin it turns into a soft foam. It has a neutral scent and cleanses your skin in a very effective way, without it feeling too tight like some cleanser do. I personally have a combination skin and really feel like it balances the oiliness as well. The cleanser contains blue micro-algae, which will boost cellular resistance to micro-stress caused by pollution. Perfect for if you live in a busy city, like I do!

Pro tip: if you want to level up your skincare routine, it’s even better to double cleanse! You can use the this gel, followed by the CHANEL cleansing oil for an even deeper cleanse. Your skin will love you for it.



When you think of exfoliation, you probably think of a thick scrub with a rough texture, but that’s not the case with CHANEL LE GOMMAGE. This gel-cream is infused with jojoba microbeads and cleanses your pores and eliminates dead cells in a very gentle way. I use it once a week (together with le masque) on a damp skin and lightly massage it the gel on my face for only a minute. After that i rinse my face with warm water. You will notice straight away how your skiin looks a lot more smooth and even. It’s almost like I applied a filter on my face.



After using the CHANEL Exfoliating Gel, I use the Clay Mask as well. I do this cleansing routine once or twice a week, to keep my skin smooth and even. Le Masque purifies and hydrates your skin at the same time. It contains maracuja extract which contains repairings properties, but also clay which will intesely purify the skin. You can use this clay mask in many different ways. If you are quiet busy, you can apply the mask in the morning for only 2 minutes and it will prepare your skin before other skincare and make-up. But you can also apply it 1-3 times a week for 10 minutes for a deeper cleanse. You can remove the mask with a damp cotton pad and then a splash of water. Just like with the exfoliating gel, you will notice results immidiately!

The three new additions to the CHANEL Cleansing Collection are now available in their webshop!

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