CHANEL Collection Libre 2018 Maximalisme de CHANEL

The new CHANEL COLLECTION LIBRE 2018 is here, and it’s a stunner. It features deep gold shades and metallic textures. For the lips, we have the iconic red shades in different kinds of finishes. The CHANEL holiday makeup collection 2018 collection also showcases three exclusive creations, which are absolutely stunning. Lucia Pica adopts Gabrielle Chanel’s beloved lion icon, which will give the products a wild twist. It doesn’t matter, which product you try, they will all give you a very glamorous result.



The CHANEL holiday collection is filled with striking metallic products for eyes, lips and nails. Which means it’s important to keep the skin clean and fresh, but a little bit of shimmer never hurt anyone! That’s why I am so excited to show you the most beautiful CHANEL highlighter ever: LE LION DE CHANEL! It’s one of the exclusive creations in this collection, which features the lion symbol in the stunning compact. The highlighter itself has a translucent, lightweight formula, which brings a pale gold iridescence to the face. What is amazing about this highlighter, is that it’s suitable for a skin with a warm undertone, but also with a cool undertone. This makes the product so universal, and very nice for gifting.

The emblem of the lion that Gabrielle Chanel so treasured is also important for me — a lion’s strength suggests courage and flamboyance in the woman who wears its image or colours. With MAXIMALISME DE CHANEL, I wanted to create an exaggerated, glamorous attitude, a commitment to positivity – something to wear for more outgoing moments.” — Lucia Pica



Not only is the highlighter an exclusive creation, the collection also contains some stunning exclusive eyeshadows. The luminous Ombres Première Poudre eyeshadows  assumes a jewel-like sense of preciousness with their surfaces “cast” with lion motifs. It’s almost too beautiful to use.

Cuivre Lamé 

Noir Lamé



The third exclusive creation is an additional contrast to the metallics. La palette caractère is a lip palette with Pica’s favourite lip colours and textures. It features a selection of different kinds of textures: silky, rich velvet and matte. There is a shade for everyone: from a strong red and a strong berry to a bright orange. But don’t forget to mix and match, with a lip palette like this, it’s easy to mix the shades and create your perfect lip colour.

This year we have seen a lot of lip palettes coming by in different kinds of collections, which has made me appreciate them more and more. Especially when you are travelling, it’s easy to just take a palette with you instead of 5 different lipsticks. Definitely a recommendation if you are into these shades, or to gift someone for festive season!



In a collection devoted to metallic textures, Le Vernis Longue Tenue is the final word. Opulence is a very interesting metallic shade, it has a gold-green base and in certain lights it looks very bronze, meanwhile in another light it looks very pink. It’s the perfect nailpolish and goes well with any kind of festive outfit. Little black dress? Yes. Glitter suit? Yes. Gala dress? Yes.

But can there be a CHANEL holiday collection without a stunning red nail polish? I think we all know the answer to that question. Flamboyance is an intense red nail polish with gold shimmer and sparkles. A bit different than your usual red nail polish, but still very elegant.

Each product in this collection is limited edition. COLLECTION LIBRE 2018 MAXIMALISME DE CHANEL is available in stores from the 1st of November 2018.

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