CHANEL Eyes Collection 2019: Blurry Green

Eyes make the first impression: they need to reflect a woman’s character and convey her nuances, to amplify her personality rather than mask it. That’s why CHANEL came out with their new Eyes Collection. This collection consists of 3 classic eye products, and they all come in 4 different colour palettes. Last month I reviewed the shade range: Blurry Mauve and today it’s time to review Blurry Green.


Inspired by the “blurry” effect, and based on the three pillars of CHANEL eye products, Lucia Pica has created four universal harmonies with a distinctive colour signature for all women, regardless of their level of makeup expertise. Each palette’s elegant colour combinations can be endlessly mixed and layered, by varying and blending shades and finishes. The blurry effect creates a foolproof “second skin smoky” look.

CHANEL Les 4 Ombres 318 Blurry Green

A dusty antique gold; a satin golden green; a warm rosy bronze, a deep dark green

CHANEL Stylo Yeux Waterproof 948 Jungle Green

A forest green

CHANEL Le Volume Révolution 17 Jungle Green

An emerald green

Green is not usually the colour that I pick when it comes to eyeshadow. But whenever I do, I always promise myself to use it more often, because I forget how much I liked it! Especially when you have brown or hazel eyes, it can truly make the color pop even more. The Les 4 Ombres doesn’t only consist of green shades, but with gold and brown as well. This makes it a bit more wearable than you would think, since the shades match so well together. You can make your look a bit more playfull and blurry by using green eyeliner and mascara.

CHANEL Eyes Collection 2019

CHANEL Les 4 Ombres – Blurry Green – € 54,-

CHANEL Le Volume Révolution – Jungle Green – € 36,-

CHANEL Stylo Yeux Waterproof – Jungle Green – € 27,-

Now available in stores and online.

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