CHANEL Hydra Beauty skincare 2018

This spring CHANEL launched two new products in their Hydra Beauty skincare line. The first skincare product that I tried from CHANEL was also from the Hydra Beauty line, since it’s very suitable for my skin type. So I was very excited to try out their new liquid essence and night mask. I’m also currently trying out some other brand new CHANEL products, definitely check my Instagram out for a sneak preview of that! But for today I will be reviewing these 2 new skincare items.


HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Liquid Essence combines the moisturizing properties of a skincare water with micro-droplets encapsulating a new energizing active ingredient derived from camellia and brimming with nourishing lipids. Its incredible texture becomes one with skin soaking it in a wave of freshness before enveloping it in a comforting cocoon.

I take a few drops of HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Liquid Essence and gently press the product onto my cheeks, forehead and chin. Always apply the product on a clean skin, before applying your serum or moisturizer. I love to use this liquid essence in the morning, because your skin immediately feels super fresh and wakes you up. If you are looking for a hydration boost in your skincare routine, than this is the product that you should get! Once you add it to your routine, you can’t go a day without it!


Water, oxygen and rest. These are the beauty essentials for skin overworked by an extremely intense lifestyle and suffocated by an asphyxiating city. Once it is free from the stress of the day, the skin takes the time to regenerate and repair itself at night. This intense cellular activity requires a great deal of energy. During this daily reconstruction phase, it is also more permeable and more receptive to active ingredients. The perfect time to help it regenerate.

Hydra Beauty Masque de Nuit au Camélia gets to work while you dream. This means that you can wake up to a fresher and more radiant skin, as if you just enjoyed a good night’s sleep. How amazing does that sounds? This CHANEL product has the highest concentration of camellia. You even get a camellia petal-shaped applicator to apply a thin layer of the mask on your face and neck. You can also apply a small amount of product to the lips. Leave on for two minutes, then massage gently while the texture becomes more fluid.

When I think about masks for your face, I think of different kinds of sheet masks or clay masks that I like to apply when I’m having a spa day at home. I don’t often use a night mask, so I was very curious how this one would work. I apply a thin layer of the product with the applicator on my face and let it sit for a few minutes. Since I always have very dry lips, I really like to apply it there as well. Then I massage my face gently and let the product on my face the entire night. The best part is that in the morning, there won’t be any product left on your face, since it has all been absored in your skin. My face ánd lips feel extremly soft and look very fresh and radiant. I never had the need before to use overnight masks, but now I understand why people like to use them. From now on I will be definitely using this product weekly!

The new CHANEL Hydra Beauty products are now available!



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  1. 7 May 2018 / 16:18

    De Hydra producten van Chanel zijn echt onwijs fijn!

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