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Last month you could have read everything about my journey with CHANEL in France, where I discovered the harvesting of the rose of May for the legendary N°5 fragrance.  This month the journey continues, because I will be introducing you the two new body care products in the N°5 L’EAU line. These new gestures further enrich the current line composed of the Nº5 L’Eau All-Over Spray and On Hand Cream.

Les Toiletries N°5 L’EAU


A true moment of pleasure and well-being, N°5 L’EAU In-Shower Gel awakens the senses with its delicate scent on the skin. Its fine, fluid texture comes in a practical twist-and-slide capped bottle that is easy to slip into your bag.


N°5 L’EAU Fresh Lotion is a body moisturizer that leaves the skin soft, supple and subtly bathed in the fresh and dynamic trail of N°5 L’EAU. Its smart, travel-friendly design is equipped with a practical twist-andslide cap for easy use.


One (or actually two) of the most asked beauty questions I get on a daily base is what perfume I’m wearing and how the scent always lingers around my skin for a longer period of time. My answer to these questions is always the same: try to layer the fragrance with matching body care products. I have written about this before and can’t mention it enough times. Using just a hint of lotion or shower gel before you apply the fragrance, can make the scent last a lot longer and make it more prominent.

That’s why I was excited to see that CHANEL came out with the In-Shower Gel and Fresh Lotion. You can use these products on their own or layer them with the fragrance. What is amazing about the N°5 L’EAU scent of the products is that it doesn’t matter if it’s morning or later at night, you can use it at any time during the day.

I couldn’t finish this review without mentioning the gorgeous minimalistic packaging. The sizes of the bottles are perfect. Usually body care products can be quite heavy and not travel-friendly, but that’s definitely not the case with the Fresh Lotion and In-Shower Gel. Also an interesting detail is that the capless bottle opens with a very unique simple Twist and Slide motion of the finger.


If you like the two new body care products, than you will also love the All-over Spray and the On Hand Cream from the current line. Read my review here on these two products.


CHANEL Nº5 L’Eau Fresh Lotion – 100ml – € 52,00

CHANEL Nº5 L’Eau In-Shower Gel – 100ml – € 41,00

CHANEL Nº5 L’Eau All-over spray – 150ml – € 62,00

CHANEL Nº5 L’Eau Crème Main – 50ml – € 56,00

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