Dior Color Games Summer Make-up Collection 2020

This summer Dior is going all out with their make-up collection, which is making me very happy. Especially in these corona times, who can’t use a bit of color? The collection contains summery, energetic and spontaneous makeup, which you can play around with. In the beginning I was a bit afraid, because I’m so used to my nude looks, but I absolutely loved adding the color on the lips and as an eyeshadow. Read the full review down below! 


Just like every summer we have to keep the face glowy and radiant, so I don’t recommend foundations with a thick formula because of the high temperatures. The Dior Forever Summer Skin is the lightest foundation you will every try with an amazing glow. It’s very liquid, you just need the tiniest bit, but it will make your skin look so fresh! I have used it non stop (except on the beach) and almost regret not buying another one!

To give the face some face and dimension, you need a bit of bronzer, especially during the summer! Last year Dior releases similair bronzes like these as well in their collection and I have used it every single day, till the packaging almost fell apart. It’s a very natural bronzer, that won’t give you any cakey or powdery look, but it will still show up on your skin in a very beautiful way. A true musthave in this collection!


For the eyes I’m using the Dior 5 COULEURS Color Games limited-edition palette for playful, bold eye makeup. The palette comes in 2 different color ranges, this one with blues and purples (287 Dive), and another one with more peachy shades (897 sprint). I created two different looks with it, one that’s completly purple and another one with a touch of blue. I never thought I would say this, but these color made my eyes truly pop!



Another fun way to make your eyes pop is with the Diorshow Colour & Contour pencil! On one end of the pen is a richly pigmented eyeliner, and on the other a creamy eyeshadow. The contrasts of intensity and sheerness between the shadow and the liner create a playful and radiant eye makeup look. What I love about pencils like these is that it’s so quick and fast. If you are in a hurry you can just make a complete eyelook in a few minutes.


Dior Lip Maximizer in 016 Shimmer Nude

Dior Addict Stellar Shine 452 Ibis Pink

For the lips we have many different options to choose from. You can go for the iconic Dior Lip Maximizer, because glossy lips are back again! Or you can try the beautiful vibrant Dior Addict Stellar Shine lipstick. It doesn’t matter which one you prefer, both of them will make your look complete.


Your look isn’t complete with some nail lacquer! In this collection you will find 2 limited edition shades, which not only look beautiful, but which are also scented. I’m wearing this bright orange shade in the color 230 Go!


Left you can see my face without any make-up and on the right you can see my full face with Dior products from this collection only!

The limited edition Dior Summer 2020 collection is now available in stores and online!

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