Dior Forever Primer, Natural Nude Foundation and Fixing Spray

Since 2019 the Dior Forever foundation has been my holy grail and till this day I still recommend it to friends and family. This year Dior has expanded the Forever collection with 3 new additions: Dior Forever Skin Primer, Natural Nude Foundation and Perfect Fix Spray. Since I loved the other products so much, I couldn’t wait to try these out as well!

Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF 20 Primer

Every single time when I receive a new primer and test it out, I forget how much more beautiful my make-up looks when I use it, compared to when I not use it. This Dior Forever Skin Veil makeup base  promises 24h wear and hydration that offers correction, protection and illumination in one application. It has a very smooth texture and I almost feel like it applies a filter on my face before doing my makeup. I also noticed that it makes my makeup last a lot longer ánd my T-zone doesn’t get so oily throughout the day. My hidden gem!

Dior Forever Natural Nude Foundation

Dior Forever foundation has reinvented the natural complexion with Natural Nude: 24h perfection thanks to its formula enriched with 96% ingredients of natural origin. Now this is starting to get interesting! Usually when I tell people about natural skincare and makeup, they assume that it doesn’t work that well and I like to prove them the opposite.

Especially since now bigger high-end brands such as Dior are doing it as well. Even though the shade is a little bit too dark for me (3N), the first thing I noticed is how smooth it applies and how much coverage it has, meanwhile still giving you a super natural and fresh makeup look. It blends extremly beautiful into your skin and whenever I have worn this foundation (on days that I selftanned), I always got compliments on how beautiful my skin looked!

Dior Forever Perfect Fix Face Mist

Last but least: the Dior Forever Perfect Fix. It’s the 1st Dior triple-action face mist: it has lasting wear, sets makeup and delivers instant hydration, all in a single step. It comes in a beautiful and sleek packaging and the formula has a very subtle flowery scent. I love to apply it after doing my face make-up, to give me a more glowy look and I also like to apply throughout the day to freshen it up.

The new Dior makeup products are now available in stores and online!

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