Elie Saab – Girl of Now Forever

I have written a few times before about Girl of Now from Elie Saab, because of the many compliments I receive on a daily base. This spring they have launched a new edition called ‘Girl of Now – Forever’. While the original fragrance is perfect for the cold winter months, this new version is absolutely amazing for summer.

Girl of Now Forever is adorned with a new Coral flower design at its neck, matching the color of its juice. As the notes infuse, a new story begins: fresher, more colorful, and more fun! More than a fragrance, it’s an ode to youth, to friendship, to life!

Elie Saab – Girl of Now Forever – Eau de Parfum – 90 ML – € 106

Category: Floral Fruity

Top notes: Lemon peel, Raspberry

Heart notes: Black current, Rose, Almond, Orange blossom

Base notes: Vanilla, Musk, Patchouli, Cashmeran

Like I mentioned in the introduction, I have been the biggest fan of Girl of Now since it has been released. There has not passed a single day at the office or at the streets when I wouldn’t get a compliment, when I was wearing the fragrance. Besides that, many colleagues have been so convinced that they bought the fragrance for themself too. Unfortunately the fragrance is a bit too warm for me during the spring and summer season, that’s why I was very excited to see this new edition popping up.

Girl of Now Forever smells like sparkling raspberries, warm almond and soft cashmere with a touch of rose. These are the notes that stand out for me the most. If there is only 1 sweet fragrance, which I could keep in my collection (100+ bottles), than it would be this one! The almond and the vanilla remind me of the DNA of the original fragrance, meanwhile the rose and the raspberries give it a complete new dimension. If you are into sweet fragrances and you are looking for something new, than I can truly recommend it! To make this review even better: Girl of Now Forever lasts a very long time on your skin: no need to spray extra during the day!

Girl of Now Forever – 30 ml – € 54,00

Girl of Now Forever – 50 ml – € 80,00

Girl of Now Forever – 90 ml – € 106,00

Girl of Now Forever Eau de Parfum by Elie Saab is now available in the stores!

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