Narciso Rodriguez – Narciso Ambrée

Narciso Rodriguez fragrances always have a special place in my collection. This season they are continue to expand their fragrance collection by adding a new perfume called: NARCISO – eau de parfum ambrée. It might be my new favorite of the moment and if you are looking for the perfect sophisticated fragrance for the summer, then you definitely need to read this review.

“Narciso Rodriguez collaborated again with the perfumer Aurelien Guichard to capture inspiration of a woman’s golden freckled skin radiating with the warmth of the sun.

In the new fragrance, the original amber note is magnified in Narciso, blending a uniquely potent vanilla into an absolutely rich texture. Their warm facets wrap the composition in a golden veil, letting the amber accord shine through, amplifying Narciso Rodriguez’ sultry signature musk.” 

Top notes: White Flowers, Frangipani, Ylang-Ylang

Heart notes: Musk, Amber

Base notes: Cedar, Vanilla, Cashmeran

If you are already familiar with the cube fragrances of the NARCISO line, you are not going to be disappointed. If you take a look at the fragrance notes, you might think: what is there not to love? It has the signature Narciso musk accord, which is enhanced with warmer notes.

The best way to describe NARCISO eau de parfum ambrée is like summer in a bottle. The combination of sweet vanilla, tropical flowers and soft cashmere is absolutely perfect. It’s sophisticated, elegant and very feminine. The sillage of the fragrance is heavy, you just need to spray it a few times, definitely not too much and it will last an entire evening on my skin as well. A fragrance that I never thought I needed in my collection, but now I can’t go a sunny day without it!


NARCISO eau de parfum ambrée– 30 ml – € 58,50

NARCISO eau de parfum ambrée – 50 ml – € 87,00

NARCISO eau de parfum ambrée – 90 ml – € 111,25

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  1. Juandre'
    19 March 2021 / 12:40

    Good day

    Could you please escalate my query to the relevant person/s

    This particular fragrance is not working for me at all.

    The smell does not last will last. I am not satisfied with this perfume.


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