New year means new skincare! Usually around this time of the year my skin is in the ‘worst’ condition because of the Dutch weather. That’s why a little bit of extra pampering won’t hurt. This month Shiseido is launching a brand new skincare line called: Essential Energy! They brought out three different products so you have to ability to choose from a fresh lightweight gel, silky soft cream or daily protection cream. Today I will be reviewing all three products, so if you are interested in new skincare, definitely keep on reading.


Key Ingredient: Ashitaba

Named for its regenerative powers, this vitamin-packed plant is known to protect mitochondria from damage and boost energy efficiency of nerve cells to smoothly send signals.

Shiseido – Essential Energy – Day Cream SPF 20 – 50 ml – € 70,00

Daily protection, hydrating moisturizer.

Shiseido – Essential Energy – Moisturizing Cream – 50 ml – € 73,00

Silky, soft cream hydrating moisturizer.

Shiseido – Essential Energy – Moisturizing Gel Cream – 50 ml – € 73,00

Fresh, lightweight gel hydrating moisturizer.

When you first look at the pictures, you might think that all the moisturizers look different! But if you look a bit closer, you will notice how different they are in texture. Let’s start off with saying that you can’t go wrong with any of the produtcs, since they are suited for all skin types (Non-Comedogenic. Dermatologist-Tested. Paraben-Free. Mineral Oil-Free). I tested out all three of them during a longer time period and it definitely had a very positive effect on my skin.

Day Cream SPF 20 – Moisturizing Cream – Moisturizing Gel Cream

Just like the name says, these moisturizers are supposed to give your skin an extra boost of energy with the new ReNeura Technology. All three of the moisturizers feel very light and fresh on the skin and have a lovely rose scent to them. Currently I’m using the Moisturizing Cream version the most. It’s perfect for this kind of cloudy weather, where my dry patches need more moisture but I still don’t want the rest of my skin to look greasy. It feel so light on the skin and it absorbs it straight away, which is a big plus if you are always in a rush like me! The Moisturizing Gel Cream is amazing for in the summer. Especially because of the gel texture, it will give your skin a cooling effect while still looking fresh and glowy.

The Day Cream SPF 20 is just perfect for those spring days to not only protect your skin from the sunlight, but also to moisturize your skin. Don’t forget to apply liberally! Reducing the quantity of application will lower the level of sunscreen protection significantly.

I had a very pleasant experience with the skincare from Shiseido and I truly hope they are going to add more product to this line in the future, because I like it so much!

The Shiseido Essential Energy line will be available in stores from february 2018.

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