The BEST Tanning Spray – Marc Inbane

I have always been a big fan of selftanners during the winter period, when I was starting to look very pale. If you use the right product in the right way, it can truly give you a beautiful sunkissed result. Over the last 6 years I have tried many different tanning sprays, but I have always come back to one: Marc Inbane. I first tried out the product years ago, when they just launched their brand and I remember how I recommended the product to all my friends, and there was not a single person who didn’t like it!  View Post

Flawless Glowy Teint with Clarins

Clarins is a beautybrand that you haven’t seen before on my website, but I’m very happy to write about it now! I have been using their skincare products for over a year, but recently I also got to try out their make-up products. One of the first products that I’m going to review is the new Everlasting Cushion foundation. This foundation is super hydrating and a must have if you have dry areas on your face like I do or if you just love those dewy foundations that make your skin glow! I will also be sharing my number one favorite selftanner from Clarins, that is loved by so many people in the beauty community. View Post