Flawless Glowy Teint with Clarins

Clarins is a beautybrand that you haven’t seen before on my website, but I’m very happy to write about it now! I have been using their skincare products for over a year, but recently I also got to try out their make-up products. One of the first products that I’m going to review is the new Everlasting Cushion foundation. This foundation is super hydrating and a must have if you have dry areas on your face like I do or if you just love those dewy foundations that make your skin glow! I will also be sharing my number one favorite selftanner from Clarins, that is loved by so many people in the beauty community.


Clarins – Everlasting Cushion Foundation SPF 50 – 108 sand – €44,00

This new foundation promises to wear 10 hours and 24 hours of non-stop moisturisation. The organic ingredient quinoa will help to maintain the skin’s hydration and strengthen the skin’s barrier. If you are also living in a big city like me, you will like it even more. It promises triple protection: anti-pollution (very important!), anti-free radical and UV protection (SPF50). You could almost say that it’s a skincare product as well!

It’s recommended to apply the foundation by patting the product onto the face. You can layer and build up the coverage from natural to fuller coverage. I used the pad that comes with the foundation and even though it will soak up a bit of product the first time, it’s still very thin and super easy to use! This is the first foundation that I would feel comfortable to throw in my purse or make-up bag, without being afraid that it would break. It’s also very ideal to bring it with yout during the day so you can touch up, since it also contains a mirror inside.

When you apply the foundation for the first time you notice straight away how light the product feels on your skin. It also has a very neutral fragrance, that I really like a lot. As Clarins already promised it truly has a 100% dewy finish. Your skin looks very glowy in a natural way, even on a bad skin day! My skin has been terrible the past few weeks and I had more breakouts than usual. I was not in a mood to apply a heavy foundation, but I still wanted some extra coverage. I decided to try it out straight away and it has not disappointed me at all! My skin looked really fresh and felt moisturizered and on the places where I wanted some extra coverage, I could always build it up lightly. Even though I really loved how the glowy finish looked, I still use powder every time to finish my make-up. Without the powder my skin always gets shiny during the day. It did make the finish a bit more matte, but I could still see a very nice glow and it kept my skin hydrated.

Left without foundation – Right with foundation

If you are looking for a product with a natural, glowy finish, but you still want some extra coverage now and then, this is the perfect foundation.

Clarins – Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster – €28,50

Since I’m already writing about recommendations for a glowy skin, I have one more holy grail item that I need to share! I’m talking about the Golden Glow Booster from Clarins as well! This is the best self-tanner that I have ever tried. I also noticed later that one of the most famous influencers Negin Mirsalehi with millions of followers, is also a big fan of it. If your skin is also very pale during the winter and you still prefer a sunkissed look, than this is the product that you need! You just mix a few drops of the booster with your favorite moisturizer and apply it to your face. In a few hours you will notice how your skin got a light color, and I can promise you that it won’t look orange at all! I usually prefer it to mix it with my night cream, so I wake up with a nice glow.

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