The new Dior Rouge 2021

This spring Dior is off to a great start, they are relaunching their iconic Rouge Dior Lipstick collection. Rouge Dior is the Dior lipstick with couture colours. They are coming out with a new packaging, 70 new colours ánd a new velvet finish. So many newness which needs to be celebrated with lots of pictures and swatches of the 5 icon shades from the new line!


It’s on the lips and smiles everywhere. Rouge Dior was born out of Christian Dior’s passion, his desire to dress both women and also their smiles. The lipstick was created in 1953 with Dior’s signature style and expertise. Over the years, this couture lipstick would be recreated in over a thousand shades and bring countless smiles to women’s lips all over the world.

Today’s new Rouge Dior enters the global sustainable approach and becomes refillable! I feel like more beauty brands should focus on refillable packaging, especially in the luxury industry. The packages are too beautiful to throw away and why not just make it re-usable? Besides that the new Rouge Dior lipstick is adorned with a new signature band featuring the CD initials, as an echo to the fitted waists of the House’s runway look. And it’s coming in 70 new colors + 1 complelty new finish: velvet.

Dior Rouge Couture Lipstick – Diornatural 000 

It embellishes lips with an universal shade

Dior Rouge Couture Lipstick – Nude look 100 (matte)

The perfect blend between grey and beige for an universal nude that will flatter any smile

Dior Rouge Couture Lipstick – Chérie 525 (metallic)

A vibrant rosewood – the true color of joy and feminity

Dior Rouge Couture Lipstick – 999 (matte)

The timeless Dior crimson red is available in 4 lipstick finishes

Dior Rouge Couture Lipstick – Red Smile 080 (satin)

A burst of flamboyant and intensely luminous red

There is no better way to start off the new spring season than with a complete new revamped lipstick collection by Dior! From the universal lip balm to the iconic 999 mate lipstick: every shade of Rouge Dior is very rich and pigmented and applies very smoothly on your lips. It feels comfortable on your lips, even the matte one, and when you use a lipliner you can be sure that the color stays on your lips all day! It’s also a lovely gift, because you can even engrave the lipstick with a name if you order it on the Dior webshop.

The new Rouge Dior is now available on the Dior website!

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