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You probably have seen it the last few months all over Instagram, a new lifestyle trend: flowerboxes! I first thought they were just regular flowersboxes, but that’s not the case. The infinity roses, are real roses that can last up to 3 years! I was really curious to try it out by myself, since it can be pretty hard to take care of regular flowers.  Since I don’t only write about luxury beauty, but also about luxury lifestyle, I couldn’t wait to share my experiences with it, especially since it also fits the valentine theme of this month. 


There are many companies that offer these flowerboxes, but I collaborated together with Grace Flowerboxes, since they also ship to the Netherlands and have a Dutch website. So how come these roses are so special and they can last up for such a long time? Well this is what Grace says about it:

Our “Infinity Roses” are real, freshly picked roses, which we have carefully preserved. Through our gentle process, we are able to prepare roses that can bring you up to three years of joy! There are two steps to this process: We first dehydrate our roses. Secondly, we enrich our roses in a pigmented solution, so that their colors last for years to come. This way, our roses bloom at least one to three years!

When I received the flowerbox, I couldn’t believe how ‘real’ they looked and smelled like fresh roses. I thought that the scent would have been lost in the process, but it’s definitely there! It’s also very weird how they don’t require any care. You don’t need to add any water, the roses will bloom on their own. The infinity roses love the shade and room temperature, that’s where I keep them as well.

  • Real roses that last up to three years
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in many different color combinations (box+flowers)

I currently own 2 flowerboxes (black box with burgundy roses, white box with bridal pink roses) and I have to say, I’m VERY satisfied about the roses so far and the service of Grace Flowerboxes. They truly add a nice touch in your room, and I love how you don’t have to look after it. Especially now for valentines day, it’s the perfect gift, and the receiver will enjoy for a long time! The only ‘downside’ I can mention is that you might get bored of the same colors, that’s why I currently have 2 different flowerboxes in my house and I switch them up from time to time! (check my Instagram for inspiration) So if you are always busy and don’t have a lot of time to take care of real flowers, this is the perfect gift. Not only approved for pictures on Instagram, but in real life as well!


  1. Merel
    5 February 2018 / 12:29

    Heel mooi. Zo een flowerbox lijkt me prachtig voor in huis

    • admin
      8 February 2018 / 12:46

      Dat is het zeker!

  2. 5 February 2018 / 15:52

    Aaah vind dit zo mooi! Echt prachtige kleur hebben de rozen <3

    • admin
      8 February 2018 / 12:46

      Ik ben ook zó blij met de kleur die ik heb uitgekozen! Echt prachtig voor in de lente! <3

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