For my last holiday look, I decided to do something else! I created a short video, where I show you how to make a simple glitter smokey eye for the holidays (or any other occasion) in just 3 minutes. It’s very easy and even beginners proof! I’m using the brand new Lancome Ombre Hypnose Ultra eyeshadows for the Sparkling Blacks – Instatrends collection.  View Post

CHANEL launched some beautiful exclusive red lipsticks in the Numéros Rouges collection. This year I used one of the lipsticks as my inspiration for a very classy holiday look! You can never ever go wrong with red lips and soft smokey eye look. I also shared all my other favorite CHANEL items that I used for the rest of my face and my favorite fragrance of them so far!
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We all know the classic holiday looks such as a smokey eye and red lips, but for this article I wanted to do something different! Burberry Beauty has amazing make-up products that I use on a daily basis. When they launched their My Burberry Blush fragrance, I decided to do a holiday look inspired by the soft pink color of the bottle! I already had some products from Burberry in exactly the same shades and combined it with a lot of glow. The result is vey wearable not only for holiday occasions at night, but also for during the day!

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As you could already read in my previous article about the Lancôme event, they are launching new products in their permanent collection! Last year they started with lipsticks and this year they are moving on to the glosses and the nailpolishes. Today I’m reviewing three beautiful nailpolishes, with one of the best formulas I have tried in the past years. Keep on reading for swatches of these three shades! View Post

One collection that has suprised me the most in 2017 is the brand new CHANEL Collection Libre. We all know the beautiful black, sleek and classic packages of CHANEL make-up products, but for the first time Lucia Pica decided to give it a twist. In this new collection, it’s all about the red lipstick with a red packaging! They offer four different shades of classic reds with an unique undertone for each woman. Red lipstick is definitely something that I like to wear often, but very hard to find. Now you can have the red lipstick that CHANEL has chosen for you! Today I reviewed two items from the Collection Libre 2017 – Numéros Rouges. *  View Post

Maybe you noticed something different about my website, not only am I writing in English now, but I also changed my domain name yesterday! The main content will stay the same, but I decided that I wanted to write more about lifestyle orientated topics as well and this new domain name will allow me to do that. The reason why I decided to write in English is because of my international followers that have grown so much. I really felt like I needed a change, and I’m so happy I made it. Today I’m going to show you  two new products that Urban Decay launched this fall, the new Troublemaker Mascara and the Velvetizer Powder. * View Post