Charlotte Tilbury Eyes Colour Magic Eyeshadow Palettes

Even during the quarantine Charlotte Tilbury keeps coming out with new products and collections. Now everything is slowly going back to ‘normal’, it’s time to take out our make-up brushes and start glamming up again. Last month she launched the Eyes Colour Magic collection to create the illusion of sparkling, brighter-looking eyes with contrasting hues for every eye colour. 

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Colour Magic Collection

MAKE YOUR EYES MAGIC with Charlotte’s NEW Eye Colour Magic Luxury Palettes, coloured Liner and duos. Create the illusion of sparkling, brighter-looking eyes with contrasting and harmonious hues for every eye colour, inspired by colour matching artistry and eye colour magic! Make blue eyes look bluer, hazel eyes look gold, green eyes look greener and brown eyes look amber with these eye-enhancing icons…

As I mentioned in the introduction there are 4 different colour lines in this collection: copper, green, maroon and blue. In every colour line you will find an Eye Colour Luxury Palette and an Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo. The Duo I won’t review in this article, but I will use it in a tutorial soon, so stay tuned for that!

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette – Green Lights

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette – Copper Charge

If you want to make your eye colour look brighter, pick a palette or pencil which is contrasting to your eye colour. For example, if you have brown eyes you can try the blue range, or when you have blue eyes, try out the copper range. Even though I love blue eyeshadow, I still don’t use it a lot, so that’s why I wanted to try the copper and the green range. Just like I am used to from Charlotte Tilbury, the quality of the luxury palettes is amazing. They are incredibly pigmented and the shimmery formula looks amazing on the lids, especially in the summer with good light outside. If you pass by the counter, definitely swatch these palettes!

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes Colour Magic Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette – € 54,-

Charlotte Tilbury Liner Duo – € 28,-

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