Guerlain – Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum

My first ‘real’ perfume was La Petite Robe Noire from Guerlain and since then I always had a big love for their fragrances. Last year they came out with a new fragrance called Mon Guerlain. This fragrance was advertised all over in Paris and with a big reason, since it’s a perfume musthave! It’s powdery, sophisticated, chic and sweet at the same time, basically eveything I’m looking for in a fragrance!


“My invisible tattoo,
My Fragrance, Mon Guerlain.”

– Angelina Jolie –

Guerlain – Mon Guerlain – Eau de Parfum – 50 ml – € 92,00

Category: oriental woody

Mon Guerlain, the House’s new fragrance, is a tribute to today’s femininity – 
a strong, free and sensual femininity, as inspired by Angelina Jolie. Mon Guerlain expresses the quintessence of a story replete with experiences, nourished by success, expertise and generosity, all infused with the same passion since 1828 by the Guerlain perfumer.

Top notes: lavander, bergamot
Heart notes: jasmine, iris, rose
Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, coumarin

Mon Guerlain is a very powdery vanilla fragrance combined with lavender. I usually don’t like lavender at all, but combined with the other notes it blends in perfectly. It’s a chic, elegant and sophisticated fragrance, definitely approved for day time and even for work. Also the bottle and the color of it is really feminen. It’s not a fragrance that I could get bored of, because it is so special.

Guerlain – Mon Guerlain – Body Lotion – 200 ml – € 57,00

The Perfumed Body Lotion presents a fluid, velvety texture that infuses the skin with comforting moisture. It leaves skin soft, supple and subtly scented. The bottle, with its pure and refined lines, is the emblematic bottle for Guerlain’s bath line. The new Mon Guerlain Perfumed Body Lotion celebrates an art of living. A sensual and refined body ritual, intoxicating enjoyment, the lotion magnifies your scent for a captivating effect.

I have talked about using perfumed body products before on my blog, but I will do it again since I like it so much. The best way to make a perfume last longer is by using their body products! In this case I combined Mon Guerlain with the Mon Guerlain body lotion .The body products smell very similair to the perfume, which makes it great to layer the perfume. Just apply a little bit of the bodylotion on the places where you are gonna spray your perfume, for example: neck and wrists. Wait a few minutes and spray the perfume on top of it. In this way I can promise you that you will still smell your perfume at the end of the night! The Mon Guerlain Body Lotion does not only make your perfume last longer, but it will also make your skin feel very silky. I can definitely say, it’s a match made in heaven.

Stay tuned because Guerlain is also coming out with a new edition of Mon Guerlain soon! 


  1. 11 January 2018 / 09:28

    De flacon is prachtig! Deze geur kende ik ook nog niet. Ben benieuwd (:

    • admin
      11 January 2018 / 14:44

      Ooh, zeker even ruiken! 🙂

  2. 11 January 2018 / 16:31

    I had a sample of this perfume and it’s STUNNING!
    I think I’ll be buying this one very sono.
    GORGEOUS photos !!!

    Gillian xx

    • 11 January 2018 / 16:32

      soon* even :p

      • admin
        15 January 2018 / 19:30

        Thank you so much Gill!! Ah your comment made me so happy, I’m glad you like it as well! 😀

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