Givenchy Mister collection

Recently a lot of cosmetics brands have been launching make-up products to cater men’s needs. Men can be quite complicated when it comes to make-up products. Lots of men want to use them, but only if it is in a masculine way. One brand offering exactly this is Givenchy with its unisex ‘Mister’ Collection. This collection consists of 4 products that can make your face look better in a natural way.
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Givenchy Spring Makeup Collection 2019

Givenchy Beauty is making their spring extra colourful with the new makeup collection. The collection is inspired the colors of the rainbow in a “Pop Attitude” spirit. Not only the inside of the products is very surprising, the collection also has a pink limited edition leather packaging. View Post

Lancôme Spring 2019

Last month I visited the Lancôme press event, which takes place twice as year. Every time beauty influencers get introduced to the newest product launches: from fragrances to skincare. Today I’m sharing all this beauty news with you including reviews and first impressions.

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Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick

Two weeks ago I visited a Lancôme beauty event, where I discovered some of their new products for fall/winter 2018: from make-up to fragrance and skincare as well! Their brand new matte lipsticks, were the first items that catched my eye during the event. Today I will be reviewing 3 shades from the Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte lipstick collection.

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CHANEL Collection Libre 2017 – Numéros Rouges

One collection that has suprised me the most in 2017 is the brand new CHANEL Collection Libre. We all know the beautiful black, sleek and classic packages of CHANEL make-up products, but for the first time Lucia Pica decided to give it a twist. In this new collection, it’s all about the red lipstick with a red packaging! They offer four different shades of classic reds with an unique undertone for each woman. Red lipstick is definitely something that I like to wear often, but very hard to find. Now you can have the red lipstick that CHANEL has chosen for you! Today I reviewed two items from the Collection Libre 2017 – Numéros Rouges. *  View Post

CHANEL Les Pinceaux 2017 (make-up brushes)

Een goede basis is essentieel voor een mooie make-up applicatie, daarbij is het belangrijk om de juiste kwasten te gebruiken. Lucia Pica heeft sinds vorige maand een compleet range aan make-up penselen ontwikkeld voor CHANEL, bestaande uit 12 penselen voor het gezicht, 8 voor de ogen en 1 voor de lippen. Ze wilde haar editorial technieken in het dagelijks leven van iedere vrouw brengen. Het is daarom niet alleen voor professionele applicatie, maar ook voor vrouwen zonder ervaring. De kwasten doen het werk snel en zijn praktisch. Dit hebben we al eerder gezien bij de Eyes Collection ’17 waarbij er 2 nieuwe dubbelzijdige kwasten voor de ogen werden geintroduceerd. Daar was ik al erg tevreden over en vandaag is het tijd om de rest te laten zien. * View Post