CHANEL Collection Libre 2017 – Numéros Rouges

One collection that has suprised me the most in 2017 is the brand new CHANEL Collection Libre. We all know the beautiful black, sleek and classic packages of CHANEL make-up products, but for the first time Lucia Pica decided to give it a twist. In this new collection, it’s all about the red lipstick with a red packaging! They offer four different shades of classic reds with an unique undertone for each woman. Red lipstick is definitely something that I like to wear often, but very hard to find. Now you can have the red lipstick that CHANEL has chosen for you! Today I reviewed two items from the Collection Libre 2017 – Numéros Rouges. * 

CHANEL – Rouge Allure Velvet – N°2 – LIMITED EDITION – €38,00

The first CHANEL lipstick had I have bought was a Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in a burgundy red shade. Since then I have always had a special kind of love for these lipsticks. This collection contains 4 perfect red lip shades with each an unique undertone, two Rouge Allure lipsticks and two Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks. I always prefer to find out which undertone matches me the best, when I go to the counter and try them out in real life.

Today I’m going to review the Rouge Allure Velvet version in N°2. The lipstick has a matte texture, which is not going to try out your lips at all. As you can see on my swatch it still has a nice shine, but not as noticable as the CHANEL Rouge Allure lipsticks. The lipstick is extremly pigmented and literally glides on your lips. When I applied it for the first time, it reminded me how much I loved the creamy formula of the Rouge Allure Velvet Lipsticks again. This color also has a cooler undertone, since it makes my teeth look a lot whiter as well.

Everything about this lipstick fits: the new packaging, the matte formula, the creamy texture, the nice fragrance and ofcourse the beautiful red shade. If you are a big fan of the brand, you can’t miss this exlusive item in your collection! Every woman needs a perfect red lipstick. It is also a very beautiful product for a christmas gift.


Something that I haven’t expected as well in this collection is a nailpolish in one of the neon shades! Scenario is a bright coral color, that in some lights looks more like orange and in other lights it looks like red. It has very good coverage, one layer was more than enough for me and won’t chip on your nails as well. With this color on your nails you are 100% going to stand out! Don’t forget to add a topcoat on top of it, for a beautiful glossy finish.

This collection also contains other new items, such as a beautiful eyeshadow palette, red lipglosses and three other Rouge Allure (Velvet) lipsticks. Definitely take a look at the CHANEL counter before everything is sold out, since every item is a limied edition!

This collection is now available in the E-Boutique and at CHANEL counters from 31 october 2017.


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