Yves Saint Laurant – Black Opium Neon

Last time I wrote that I visited the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté event in Amsterdam, where the media was introduced to their new launches. One of them was the Rouge Volupté Rock’N Shine lipstick, but the main launch was a new flanker of the iconic Black Opium fragrance: Neon. 

Black Opium Neon is a new twist on the classic Eau de Parfum. With adrenaline-rich coffee, sparkling orange blossom, and mesmerizing dragon fruit accord, it is a vibrant and indulgent perfume that’s the perfect combination of seductive and sweet.

Top notes: Dragon Fruit

Heart notes: Orange Blossom

Base notes: Coffee

The new edition of the Black Opium fragrance continues their signature gourmet coffee smell but this time with a fruity twist. Looking at the notes of this fragrance, you might notice where the name and the color of the packaging is coming from. Dragon Fruit is one of the new main notes in this fragrance, which makes it a sweet and seductive perfume at the same time. It’s definitely lighter than the original Black Opium but a little bit more feminine, meanwhile still having the same DNA. So far I have already worn it so many times during the weekend when I have plans for a night out, but when I’m not looking for an overly heavy sweet fragrance, but something softer but still stronger instead!


Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Neon – Eau de Parfum– 30 ml – € 74,00

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Neon – Eau de Parfum – 75 ml – € 133,00

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