Review CHANEL Les Pinceaux collection 2017 (make-up brushes)

A good base is essential for a pretty make-up application, it’s important to use the right brushes in the right way. Lucia Pica developed a new range of make-up brushes for CHANEL, a set of 21 brushes, composed of 12 brushes for the face, 8 brushes for the eyes and 1 brush for the lips. With LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL, these indispensable makeup tools are no longer reserved for professionals. Now, all women can use them, even those with no makeup experience. The brushes do their job quickly and are very practicle. We already saw this before with the Eyes Collection ’17 where they released two double-ended brushes for the eyes. I was very satisfied about those and wondered how these would work. I already wrote about the collection before, but now I have tried them out for two months and I can share my thoughs and experiences more deeply.

CHANEL – Eyeliner Brush – €28,00

Do you use cream eyeliner a lot? Than this brush is made for you! The hairs of the brush are not too soft, but a bit harder, so it will be easier for you to use. I personally use liquid liner or an eyeliner pen daily, because it’s simply a lot faster. For a special event or occasion I do like to go all out for an eye look and use a cream eyeliner! I first applied the CHANEL eyeshadow in Talpa and then step by step, I runned the tip of the brush along the base of the lashes, gradually thickening the line towards the outer corner. I decided to go for an cat eye effect, and that definitely worked with this brush! I was really suprises by the result, because with a liquid liner, I can’t achieve the same effect as with a brush and a cream eyeliner.

CHANEL – Dual Tip Brow Brush – €36,00

First step: groom!
Second step: fill in!
It’s almost impossible to forget the brows! This brush has turned into my favorite brush, and I use it on a daily basis. Even on the days where I apply minimal make-up, I never skip the brows! It has a dual-tip, first you use the eyebrow brush to groom the eyebrows into place. Then I use the angled brush to fill in any gaps or add a bit more shape to my brows. I usually skip the first part of my eyebrow for a natural look and only extend it a little.



CHANEL – Foundation Brush – €38,00

We probably all recognize the classic Pinceau Fond de Teint, a perfect brush to apply a liquid gel- or creamtexture foundation with a denser coverage. Start from the center of the face, applying downwards and outwards with smooth strokes. (To avoid streaking, avoid having too much product on the brush.) I noticed that this brush is the best to use with a very liquid foundation, for example the Vitalumière Aqua. You can build the product up in fine, thin layers until you achieve the desired coverage for a flawless finish.

CHANEL – 2-in-1 Foundation Brush – Fluid and Powder – €46,00

We have another brush for foundation, but this one is a lot more special than we have seen so far. This brush isn’t only meant to apply liquid foundation, but also powder foundation. The brush has a smaller size, in this way it’s easier to reach the harder spots on your face, for example the eye area and the nose area. I really like to apply my liquid concealer as well with it and then powder it off at the same time with the same brush. Very easy to work with, another personal favorite!

CHANEL – Powder Brush – €56,00

After applying foundation it’s time to powder and remove shine from large areas of the face. You dip the tip of the brush into the powder and tap off excess on the back of your hand. Then, sweep over the face, from the center outwards, for a light mattifying effect. To do this I use the Poudre Universelle Libre loose powder in de shade 20 Clair. This brush with the loose powder is a match made in heaven! I noticed that it gives me more coverage than for example a kabuki brush. When I’m a bit more pale and I would like a bit of color, I also use this brush with the Les Beiges Healthy Glow powder in the shade N40 as bronzer. In this way I get a natural glowy skin!

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